Estilo de vida #Walkingirl

#Walkingirl Lifestyle

The #walkingirls are the city girls who look after their health and take advantage of any opportunity in their day to day life to...
zapatos buenos mejoras salud

Health benefits of comfortable shoes

As footwear experts, we believe that there is not enough emphasis placed on the importance of correct footwear for your health. We want to...
Como son los hombres pitillos

Pitillos for Men

Beneficios de caminar

Benefits of walking

5 consejos para escoger zapatos comodos

5 tips for choosing comfortable shoes

Many of the shoes that we find in the market today are not good for our feet’s health. For this reason, when choosing the...

Comfortable and fashionable shoes produced in Spain

Spain is one of the largest producers of quality footwear worldwide. Major brands of the sector have years of experience, consolidating the footwear market...
Como encontrar unos tacones perfectos

10 pieces of advice for finding the perfect heel

When buying, you need heels that are comfortable for you and that you can wear for hours without getting hurt. Besides knowing how to walk...
consejos para caminar con tacones

How to walk in heels

High-heeled shoes are shoes that every woman wears at some point in her life, either regularly in her day-to-day or reserved for special occasions....
Como elegir las sandalias perfectas

Choose the perfect sandals for every occasion

Sandals are the quintessential footwear of summer. They are a very comfortable, cool and stylish type of shoe. They can be adapted to any...
Como son los hombres pitillos

Pitillos for Men

It is very easy to recognise the #hombrespitillos, those who only have to glance once to check that they ooze style, glamour and that...