Choose the perfect sandals for every occasion

Como elegir las sandalias perfectas
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Sandals are the quintessential footwear of summer. They are a very comfortable, cool and stylish type of shoe. They can be adapted to any occasion according to the type of sandal and the specific details.

We tell you which are the most appropriate for each occasion so that you always turn up properly dressed and get the most out of this type of versatile footwear.

Flat sandals

Flat sandals are the most comfortable and cool footwear to wear on a daily basis. For those people who seek comfort above all, there is nothing more practical than opting for flat shoes like this. Easy to match with any style.

From the simplest styles composed of thin strips in basic tones, to flat sandals with all kinds of decorations and in super appealing colours. You can wear them with your most casual looks, but also on a special occasion, where permitted by dress code, as long as it is an elegant shoe fitting the chosen look.

Como escoger una sandalias planas


Wedges are a type of heel with greater stability as they do not leave any free space under the sole of the foot. They are more comfortable shoes for everyday life, preferred by some girls who find wedge shoes more comfortable than flat sandals.

Due to the design of the footwear, wedge sandals can be more or less elegant, suitable for dressing more casual or to wear to a special event. They are a very comfortable option to go to work at the office, and there are even very elegant styles to wear for more special events, which allow us to enjoy the whole evening without feeling discomfort in the feet or tired legs.

Como escoger una sandalias de cuña

Heeled sandals

The most suitable footwear to wear on a special occasion in the most elegant way, but also day-to-day if we choose a basic style which is comfortable to wear.

There are so many types of heeled sandals that there is always an ideal pair for each type of look. From sandals with a very comfortable medium thick heel, high heeled sandals with thin straps, and even sandals with heels and a platform at the front that make us taller but do not compromise on comfort while wearing them.

Whatever type of sandal you prefer to wear in summer, or the occasion when you have to wear these cool shoes, you’ll find the perfect pair of comfortable sandals to make you feel as if you’re walking on clouds. At Pitillos we have them all!

Como escoger una sandalias de tacón

Platform sandals

Allowing you to gain height without having to opt for a fully flat comfortable shoe, platform sandals became a summer basic some years ago. There are more youthful styles and others more feminine, but it is usually a shoe to wear on a daily basis for a less formal look.

To find comfortable sandals with a platform, it is recommended that they have a good grip on the foot and that they are light. They can also have a little heel, but usually have thick soles in the front, which give a few inches of extra height.

Como escoger una sandalias de plataforma


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