How to walk in heels

consejos para caminar con tacones
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High-heeled shoes are shoes that every woman wears at some point in her life, either regularly in her day-to-day or reserved for special occasions. However, women are not born knowing how to walk properly in heels and we need to learn how to walk in them, especially when it comes to high heels we’re not used to.

Walking in heels can be tricky but learning to walk well in them is not an impossible mission. We can all get it. If you are learning to wear them for the first time, or need some help to tame those heels that you resist so much, these tips will help you learn how to walk properly in heels. There will be no pair of shoes that you can’t handle!

10 tips for walking in heels

  1. The first piece of advice is the most important, choose a pair of good quality heels. An appropriate heel ensures your comfort and prevents pain when walking in them. Therefore, the quality of the shoe should be your first priority. In addition, quality footwear will remain as new for longer, and you can wear them much more because they are more comfortable for your feet.
  2. Buy high-heeled shoes with a soft interior. It is important to have shoes that adjust to your feet.
  3. Start walking in your heels using small steps and in a straight line, practicing at home for a long time before wearing them on the street. The higher the heel of your shoes, the smaller the stride, so practice this new technique and try to do it naturally to make you more comfortable.
  4. When walking, heels should go straight. Try not to bend them. A good method to check this is to see if you wear more one side of the shoe than another.
  5. Choose a shoe based on your foot shape. There are many shapes. For example, if the footwear feels too big, bulky or it destroys your foot when trying it then it is not for you. There are many shapes so ask at your nearest Pitillos
  6. Walk supporting the heel first and then the tip. Do not support both parts at the same time as it will look like you are walking like a duck. To do it more smoothly, while you are supporting the heel of one foot you can take off the tip of the other in a rhythmic movement.
  7. Do not forget to bend your knees slightly when walking, lifting your foot just enough. But do not walk with knees forward, too high or leaping.
  8. Your posture is also very important, keep your back straight, facing forward. Pull the shoulders back and down comfortably, keeping the abdomen tight to maintain the balance in the central area of the body.
  9. Beware of grates! They are everywhere in every city. They are the main enemy of heles as they can break the heel and can facilitate a good fall.
  10. If you are going to walk for a prolonged period of time, if you are in a great hurry or if you are going to travel a long distance put on flat shoes. We always see someone barefoot at a wedding or walking as if they have thumbtacks on their heels. Remember, comfort is the most important thing.

10 consejos para caminar con tacones

After reading all these tips, the only thing remaining is to practice walking in heels perfectly with your favourite shoes. Remember to rest your feet. Now that you know how to properly walk in heels, put them on and dominate them.


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