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Estilo de vida #Walkingirl
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The #walkingirls are the city girls who look after their health and take advantage of any opportunity in their day to day life to walk. It is not surprising that every day we want more and more to become one of these #walkingirls, because walking is one of the most complete and least stressful sports exercises you can imagine.

Walking helps us keep in shape while at the same time releasing endorphins, improving our spirits and making us feel happier. In addition, with each step we strengthen the heart and tone the legs, arms, buttocks and abdominals. And we can do it anywhere at zero cost, right?

Estilo de vida walking girl

10 steps to become a walking girl

  1. Be mindful of your posture, it is very important to breathe well and optimise your walking routes.
  2. Control your rhythm. Whether you opt for a slow or a more accelerated pace, you must always take your physical capacity into consideration and not exceed it. We want to walk, not to make ourselves ill, and as long as we maintain a constant rhythm it more than enough.
  3. Walk to work. If you are not very far from home, walking to and from work is a very Good option. If you are just too far away, you can always park the car a couple of blocks from the office or get off public transport a few stops early before your destination.
  4. Choose good footwear. We are aware that dress codes apply in the workplace but since we want to walk, we must opt for footwear that looks after our feet. For this reason, the Pitillos come in handy.
  5. Take the stairs and forget about elevators. It will improve blood circulation in your legs and burn much more calories than standing still.
  6. Don’t stop. If you are talking on the phone, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the moment and take a few steps and exercise a little.
  7. Walk with loved ones: children, siblings, parents, pets … Any of them will happily spend quality time with you while practicing a healthy activity.
  8. Change coffee with friends for alternative plans such as going shopping, to the museum or to the park for a walk or perform any activity involving more than just sitting down.
  9. Don’t quit while on holiday. Whether by the seashore, by the mountain, by the city or wherever you want, plan a good walk every day. In addition to getting a tan you will enhance the production of melanin and you will continue to strengthen your muscles.
  10. Drink water regularly and maintain a good sleep routine. It is vital to stay well hydrated, hence you have to drink small sips of water routinely, even if you are not thirsty. Try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, at the same time each night, to keep you awake and rested during the day.

Don’t hesitate any longer, become the fashionable #walkingirl with the best shoes on the market, Pitillos shoes. Oh, and go ahead and tell us your experience, we are anxious to know how you are.


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