5 tips for choosing comfortable shoes

5 consejos para escoger zapatos comodos
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Many of the shoes that we find in the market today are not good for our feet’s health. For this reason, when choosing the type of footwear in which we are going to invest our money, it is very important that we pay attention to the characteristics of comfortable women’s shoes that help us maintain our health.

Whether we are investing in an open shoe for the summer, a sports shoe or woman’s boots, there are a number of guidelines that we can follow in order to ensure the best quality for our feet.

Trust quality brands

When in doubt about whether a certain type of footwear will be comfortable or not, always resort to the brands of shoes that offer the best quality. Only the reference firms assure you an optimal manufacturing quality, with a higher probability that your comfortable shoes will be comfortable for you as well.

In Spain there are many brands that manufacture 100% Spanish footwear and that care about the foot health of all their customers. Before buying, make sure that they use natural materials and a comfortable design that adapts to the foot without forcing the posture, especially in closed shoes and women’s boots.

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Comfortable shoes for every occasion

When buying shoes, keep in mind the type of shoe you are choosing and their purpose according to the occasion. Because choosing a pair of heels for a special occasion and a pair of heels for work is not the same thing.

Investing in good quality basic shoes, and ones that we find comfortable, is a wise decision. A good shoe lasts much longer and is much better than having a shoe rack full of different shoes that we only wear once because they are too uncomfortable.

Choose a good support and shape

The shape of the shoe should always conform to the shape of the foot; never the opposite. A comfortable shoe should pick up the foot, holding the instep to walk with more stability without forcing the posture.

The support you have in the sole is also very important. The best shoes are those that have a soft and comfortable inner sole. As for the outer sole, it is better for it to be rubber to prevent slipping, and with a small heel of at least 2 centimetres for better support to help us maintain good spinal posture.

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Choose the correct size

When you try on your shoes, always choose the size that fits you perfectly. Never buy a smaller size thinking that the shoe will give way, because quality materials should never stretch.

Also, choose a shoe of greater size when you are thinking about wearing it with thick socks. Try on the shoe with the type of sock or stocking with which you plan to wear it every day and get the correct size.

Test them well

Never pick a shoe that you have not tried on before, or that does not fit you perfectly after trying it on. If a shoe is not entirely comfortable, try another model of the same type which fits better to your foot without squeezing it.

Try on the shoes at the end of the day which is when your feet are more swollen. Do not forget to check that it is a comfortable shoe, you have to test them on both feet at the same time because we all have one foot larger than the other.


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