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Como son los hombres pitillos
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It is very easy to recognise the #hombrespitillos, those who only have to glance once to check that they ooze style, glamour and that special predilection for comfortable and elegant fashion. Yes, these men take care of themselves from head to toe and know exactly how to do it.

As expected, good footwear is an essential part of the attire of the #hombrespitillos, as important to them as a good jacket, shirt or tie. Comfortable men’s shoes are more than just a fashion accessory, they shape their way of moving and walking, showing their behaviour in the face of their surroundings.

In addition, given the variety of styles, colours and textures which currently exist in the world of fashion, men’s comfortable shoes acquire value for themselves, above being just another wardrobe addition.

Pitillos has designed a line of men’s footwear that highlights the most outstanding values of today’s man. The most modern lines are combined, in an extraordinary way, with the classic design and the result is a comfortable shoe, suitable for all types of foot, elegant and contemporary at the same time.

Who are the #hombrespitillos? They are men who seek to stand out and stand strong, combining the best of tradition with the most advanced of technology. Style and comfort merge in their way of conceiving life and its living space. The result is an image charged with masculinity, sensuality and a practical touch, making them unique and unmistakable.

Without a doubt, the #hombrespitillos know what they want, and they don’t stop pursuing it. But they also want to experience the best materials in order to achieve a state of unique comfort and well-being.

Zapatos Pitillos hombre

This is exactly what they find with Pitillos, comfortable shoes for today’s man, who cares about his image and looks for the best for his feet. We suggest you take a look at the men’s footwear section of the Pitillos Group to discover all the seasonal models. You will love it!


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