Benefits of walking

Beneficios de caminar
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Walking is a physical activity that we can all practice, dedicating only a few minutes per day to significantly improve our health and fitness. To turn it into a cardiovascular exercise, we only have to slightly increase the intensity of our pace and change a quiet walk to a daily exercise trained to burn fat effectively. However, in this post we will review all the benefits of walking.

As with any other sporting activity, we recommend that you use appropriate equipment. Of course, at Pitillos we are experts in footwear, so we cannot emphasise enough the importance of wearing the right footwear. In this case, we are talking about a sports activity, so we recommend you wear sports shoes. Providing your feet with the right equipment will help you to take advantage of all the effort of your daily walk and will avoid injuries. Above all, you will avoid joint and back pain. So, put on some good sports shoes and take note of all the benefits you can achieve with the simple exercise of walking a few minutes a day.

The benefits of walking are:

Helps you lose weight

Walking at an adequate pace on a daily basis helps keep weight more balanced since it allows you to burn calories. The more intense the physical load of the exercise, and the longer, the more calories you will burn. This increases muscle tone and burns the accumulated fat in your body. It is usually recommended to walk 30 minutes per day.

Increases energy

When we walk, we are promoting the oxygenation of all the tissues in our body by increasing the heart rate. Oxygen and nutrients come more easily to each of our tissues.

Keeping us more active and awake during the day and yielding much more.

Furthermore, walking for at least 20 minutes per day improves our rest. This is because we use more energy during the day and therefore at night we will be more tired and will sleep better.

Strengthens the heart

It has been proven that walking at an adequate pace improves the circulatory system. This simple exercise reduces the risk of many heart diseases. Walking also prevents you suffering from metabolic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and even some types of cancer. Other benefits for our body include the decrease in blood pressure and the increased chance of surviving cardiac events.

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Combine physical activity with a good diet and healthy lifestyle for strong health.

Prevents osteoporosis

When we walk, we are not only strengthening our muscles, but also the entire bone structure, making the bones in our body move and remain more active. This simple gesture favours a greater bone density and can help prevent serious problems like osteoporosis, and even arthritis, in the joints.

Relieves stress

Enjoying a pleasant walk at a constant pace outdoors eliminates stress and puts us in a better mood. It is the final culmination to end the day, or even the perfect excuse to increase energy levels first thing in the morning before getting to work.

Whenever you do it, it has been shown that people who practice this exercise often have a lower level of stress and less chance of suffering from illnesses such as depression.

If you also want to take advantage of the benefits of walking daily, do not hesitate to start as soon as possible. You will notice the changes both physical and mental from your first outing.


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