Comfortable and fashionable shoes produced in Spain

Rebajas Otoño-Invierno 2019

Spain is one of the largest producers of quality footwear worldwide. Major brands of the sector have years of experience, consolidating the footwear market at the national level and with a great international outreach.

At Pitillos, we consider ourselves as one of the pioneers, maintaining the essence of the artisanal production with which this small family business started, and adapting to modern times with the latest trends and the most pioneering technologies in footwear manufacturing.

Under the motto ‘Dressing the most demanding feet’, at Pitillos we never settle and that is why we always work to give our clients the comfort and elegance they seek when dressing their feet, using only natural materials and recreating the designs of each season among young and old alike.

Comfortable shoes for demanding feet

Our footwear, 100% produced in Spain, has undergone very few changes in its manufacture, in contrast to the type of materials and technologies that we now use to dress the most demanding feet.

Breathable materials so you can wear your shoes at any time of the year, keeping the foot dry and not retaining odours inside. Most of our models are made with Italian leather, as well as the patent leather that has become the most used element in the production of previous seasons.

But undoubtedly, the most important part of the footwear comfort is the template, in which we use more comfortable materials so that you feel as if you are stepping on a cloud with every step.

Quality shoes with artisanal elaboration

Each one of the styles in our collection begins with a hand-drawn design developed by our specialists. A small pencil scribble that ends up becoming a comfortable and modern shoe thanks to our artisan shoemakers.

With years of experience in the sector, we always work with elegance so that it becomes a quality ingrained in each pair of shoes coming out of our workshop.

Calzado artesanal hecho en España

Shoe trends every season

Just because our style when working is traditional, does not mean that our shoes are not modern. Each season we launch a new collection for men and women, with a wide variety of models following the latest footwear trends.

We analyse people’s feet to keep up with favourite trends and discover where we need to direct our new collections. Because here at the Pitillos Group, we have comfortable footwear designed for all types of people.

Custom shoes

Can you imagine wearing modern shoes totally custom made for your feet? We work with shoe trees made by our own shoemakers so that each pair is as comfortable as possible.

Zapatos comodos a medida

Our shoes are passionately made from start to finish, so you only have to worry about choosing your favourite style and feeling the comfort in your feet. There are no more demanding feet than yours, and at Pitillos we strive to take care of them as if they were our own. If you want to know more about Pitillos and our commitments, please see our About Us  section.


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