10 pieces of advice for finding the perfect heel

Como encontrar unos tacones perfectos
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When buying, you need heels that are comfortable for you and that you can wear for hours without getting hurt. Besides knowing how to walk in heels, it is very important to know how to find the perfect heels.

Many women make the error of buying beautiful shoes just because they catch our attention, or because they are cheap. When the time comes to wear these heels, it is impossible to wear them for more than 5 minutes because they can be a real torture. In the end, it is always money down the drain.

For this reason, if you are thinking about getting the perfect heels, do not let yourself get caught up in the moment. Check these features to make sure they are comfortable and that they will support you for what you have in mind.

Try the heels on both feet

When you are going to buy some new shoes, do not try them on just one foot. We are all imperfect, and our feet are not equal to each other, so try both at the same time to make sure the two fit you well and do not hurt you.

Also, do not forget to try them at the end of the day. This is when our feet are more tired and slightly more swollen, and only then can you know that those shoes really fit you.

Good grip

If you want comfortable high-heeled shoes, it is better to choose ones that have correct foot support.

From a good grip at the front so that the toes are well positioned without tightening too much, to a heel grip that prevents our feet from walking out, it is important that they are well attached to the heel, especially if they are high heels and, for example those of the bracelet type, or those which are crossed by the instep area, are the most comfortable in this case.

Perfect size

It goes without saying that for high-heeled shoes to be comfortable, it is very important to choose the perfect size. A pair of high-heeled shoes should not squeeze, either in the instep or by the toes. If they squeeze us, they will only cause discomfort that could be aggravated during the time of use.

Neither should we go bigger, because if our foot is loose inside the shoe, it will be much more uncomfortable to walk, and we can slip.

Quality materials

Comfort of high-heeled shoes is always accompanied by the quality of good materials. Make sure that the shoes you choose have leather materials inside, especially in the sole to make it more comfortable.
The material of the sole is also important. For example, a rubber sole that has good grip will allow us to walk much better without having to shrink our foot every time we take a step because we are afraid of sliding with our shoes.

Como encontrar unos tacones perfectos
Wearing comfortable heels makes your day-to-day much easier.

Low heel for every day

The perfect measurement for comfortable heels is between 3 and 4.5 centimetres. Choose low-heeled shoes with this measure for daily use and you’ll see how you manage to wear them all day without getting hurt.

The perfect heel: width or wedge

If you are one of those who prefer shoes with a higher heel, choose medium-heeled shoes that have the widest heel or have a wedge. In this way, the stability will be greater in the foot, and you can spend much more time in them without being bothered.

Comfortable toe

It is very important to avoid the shoes being too narrow at the toes if you do not want your toes to suffer.

According to podiatry experts, it is better to choose a female shoe with a round or square toe that has enough space so that the toes can extend well. If we wear high-heeled shoes where the toes are imprisoned, the tension will increase considerably, and we will do a lot of damage.

High heles with a platform

For special occasions, high-heeled shoes may also be an excellent choice, and just as comfortable, providing we take a few things into consideration.
Start by choosing a shoe that has good grip so that the foot is sufficiently supported. Platforms are a great help to gain height without increasing the foot bridge too much. And don’t forget to choose quality heels that fit your foot perfectly so that you are able to stand in them much longer.

They will become your go-to shoes that you will not stop wearing to all your special events!


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